French photographer, Paris based, Romain travels the world with graphic design and balance in the eye. After graduating from Speos Photographic Institute, he started by assisting then working in beauty and fashion, while his personal works were exhibited. Today, he is the co-founder and President of French Eyes Agency.

Find below some older works.


This series represents lonely figures surrounded by impressive urban architecture, mainly places of work. People seem lost, disillusioned while in their environment. Its's to show our inability to put back humanity in our own creation and place of living. The city and its concrete always make us small, alone, as an ant in the jungle.


It has been exposed in different configuration over the past years as long as the series grows.

Shanghai Art Fair 2010. Triptych installation during the Universal Exhibition - Theme 'Better city, better life'.

MacParis 2009.  4 pictures shown aside others mentioned above.

Lourdes (FRA) 24h Contest

24 pictures to submit in a 24h competition. On the 15th of august, when pilgrims come from the entire world to celebrate the Blessed Virgin Mary, the sanctuary of Lourdes offers a great location full of surprise for this contest. This series went 2nd.

India and Morocco are mainly represented as they are his favorite destinations to embrace different cultures.

Older B&W works